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Web Application Development
Do you have an idea for the next "killer application" on the Internet but don’t have the time or experience to make it happen?

Our developers work with a number of web technologies that will turn your idea into an online reality. Since web applications often need an associated sophisticated database, AWDI is well positioned to provide that element, as well.
Website Design
Need a web design that STANDS OUT from the competition?

A new design may be the answer your Internet business needs.

A quality design can give your website the attention it needs and customers the confidence they need to make your site their business choice. AWDI offers unique, custom built websites, that can be changed at anytime. To give your site a makeover contact AWDI for unique and original designs made solely for you by our team of experts create a custom web site design EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU, the AWDI client.

Create a lasting impression on customers with a Professional Custom Website Design unlike any other. You'll be amazed at how different our graphic designers can make your site appear, setting you apart from the competition and giving your business the look and feel it desires!

Get started today with a Custom Design Package or choose from a list of Individual Design Services.

Call us at 813 994 6646 for a personal quote to analyze, design, build and host your website or you can ask us a question by clicking here.

It's 4 AM ... Do YOU know where your data is ?
n-tier Application Development
n-tier (often called 3-tier) application programs are organized in three or more major parts, each of which is distributed a different place or computer in the network. Web applications when utilizing a database are perfect candidates for n-tier programming techniques.

The business logic can be developed and hosted on a web server separate from the database which resides on a different server. The browser logic, clearly, primarily resides on the users desktop system. The primary benefit of this architecture is that one part, or tier, of the application can be developed and modified without affecting the functions of the other parts.

AWDI developers are experienced in this form of program development.

Call us at 813 994 6646 for a personal quote to analyze, design, build and host your n tier application or you can ask us a question by clicking here.

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